Sunday, May 13, 2018

ICYMI: Books I Loved in 2017

Originally published on 1/1/2018.

Just a quick intro to say: I'm back? I thought shutting the door on my two other blogs would force me to use my free time to write write. It was a nice thought but the lack of consistency messed my brain and I've barely been writing for myself at all. So. I'm trying this. If I can pick up the writing without any of my own strict posting schedules and post something here at least twice a month, I'm hoping my other projects will see some growth too. Here's to that...
I'm not saying anything new when I mention how the news has been insufferable, illuminating, taxing, alarming, stressful, important, and overwhelming this year. In light of that, I was glad to see so many amazing articles about how it's okay to take a break from the news. It's especially okay to find solace in books, TV, movies, and all sorts of entertainment. I think more than ever people needed that permission. (Time and time again.) People don't want to be less woke than the next person, but good golly, it is impossible to retain ALL the news ALL the time and live your life healthily. Balance. It is all about balance.

Leaning on books when I need to find my zen is not a new practice of mine. (Another thing that is probably not a surprise to you.) But I'm glad to say that just because reading is so routine, it didn't make it any less comforting. In fact, I think I was more likely to let go of books I really wanted to love but just wasn't feeling because that escape was so imperative to calm my brain down and give me a little space to enjoy. Of course, this means narrowing down my favorites is an even bigger task this year. Last year, I couldn't even make a list of 10 and this year I made a list of 17 but I believe it's more like 20. No matter the number, I hope you find something to add to your reading list in the new year. And continue to reach for books (or whatever else you love) when you need to recalibrate.